If you are considering getting a commissioned painting done of your loved ones or pet then please take a look at some examples at the bottom of the page. I also thought of some tips for those of you thinking of getting commissions done.

One thing that is useful to think about is your photo, we would need to consider the composition that you would like, and ensure that the photo quality is really high, preferably using a digital camera. It is really difficult to capture the sparkling, loving character of the subject if you can’t see the colour of the eyes, or where the highlights are, so it is important to have lots of detail in the photo for me to work from.

Another top tip is to be eye level with your subject when you take the photo, this avoids awkward angles and makes your painting look great in any position on your wall.

The ideal place to take your picture would be outside in natural light, or near a window. There is no better place for a photoshoot than outside!

I am happy to come out to you to take the picture if you are fairly local to me. I hope this has been helpful to anyone hoping to get a commission done

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