Strange times and a new studio

These last few months have been strange for a lot of us, whether you’re able to work, unable to work, able to see family, or not. I hope that everyone has been able to use this time to do things that make you happy and found the strength to keep going when things get tough.

I was unable to access my studio for all of April and May and so have been busying myself with pencils, charcoal and a splash of watercolour experimenting, whilst also just taking some time out. Before Lockdown I had a full A2 sheet ToDo list that I was attempting to tick off alongside my full time job. I was exhausted and yet 2020 promised to be a year of incredible opportunities for me and my art that I just couldn’t miss out on. Things have changed and events cancelled, bringing a mixture of disappointment, relief and worry! This has however, given me the chance to start afresh with my work and I want to tell you all how much I appreciate all the support in sharing, buying, talking about my work that you all continue to do. Every comment and message of encouragement means everything to me.

Throughout this time I took part in the #PortraitfortheNHS initiative which was an honour to be part of. The idea behind the trend was for artists to paint a free portrait of NHS workers to highlight the incredible work they have been doing for all of us. I painted the incredible Alison, an Intensive Care nurse at the Blackburn Royal Infirmary. I used watercolours, which are rather out of my comfort zone, but I felt that me using a medium I’m uncomfortable with is nothing compared to the challenging situations Alison must have been going through. There are so many incredible portraits if you search the hashtag on social media.



I am now able to get back in to my studio which is awesome! Even more exciting though, is the NEW STUDIO! I am lucky enough to have a very talented partner who has been working through his weekends to finish building this incredible studio office for me and my Dad to share. I am so excited to get in there, make the most of more space, and  share the space with Dad as he develops his own practise… although the art student sculptures of plaster cast hands and latex filled tights will be quite the contrast from my large portraits!


I will keep you all updated as we all begin to adapt to life as it is now and hope to have exciting news and new pieces to share with you all soon. Please let me know if you are thinking you’d like a commission in the coming year and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Stay safe everyone x

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  1. Dear India, I love your website. Let’s have a chat about your workshop- it may an idea to video your demo as a per record rather than doing it live? If that would make things easier.? Hope you and your family are well. XX jane 07845828984


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