Hobbycraft and Winsor and Newton Competition

A while ago I posted about a competition on my social media, in collaboration with Hobbycraft and Winsor and Newton, where you could enter a photo of someone that you believe deserves to have their portrait painted, their differences celebrated and their uniqueness captured.

So many amazing people entered the competition and I am so grateful to every single person. It was very emotional reading all of the lovely things that you wrote about your loved ones and during a time where being close to those we love isn’t always possible, it felt very important to celebrate each other and those we are inspired by.

We selected the winner of the competition, a mother of 6, who sadly lost her battle with Alzheimer’s this year and who had also fought Cancer and two Strokes along the way. Her daughter, who entered the competition, described her mother as an incredible woman, hard working, strong and beautiful.

I hope that I have been able to capture this amazing woman in the painting, and wanted to share the finished piece with you all.

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